2015 Winter Forage Conferences

September 16th, 2014

Peter and Adele This year’s keynote speaker is Dr. Peter Ballerstedt, forage product manager at Barenbrug USA (left). He received his Ph. D. in Forage Management and Utilization from the University of Kentucky. Dr. Peter Ballerstedt has written numerous publications and articles and currently writes a blog focused on diet, health and human nutrition called “Grass Based Health.” His areas of expertise include forage production, utilization and forage-based livestock production systems and their role in human nutrition. In his morning presentation he will discuss Beef: The REAL Health Food. After lunch, Dr. Ballerstedt will shed light on the concept of Red Meat is Green, the relationships between soils, and grazing animals.

Participants will also hear from Adele Hite (right), a Registered Dietician, MPH, and currently pursuing a PhD in Nutrition Epidemiology at UNC-Chapel Hill School of Public Health. She will provide insights into the national nutritional policy environment and discuss, Policy Does Not Equal Science: Development of the U.S. Dietary Guidelines.

Johnny Rogers of Rogers Cattle Company, Roxboro, NC will discuss his experience in managing soil, forages, and animals on the farm he manages with  his wife Sharon.  His presentation is titled: A Systems Approach to Building Soil Health and Producing a Profitable Livestock Product.

The VFGC and VCE will feature local livestock producers involved in the Regional Conservation Innovation Grant in cooperation with VFGC, VCE and NRCS. Conference participants will hear and see narrated discussion of cooperators experiences with the project under the title, Using grazing strategies to improve soil health on my farm.

This conference is partially funded by Virginia NRCS through the CIG program.

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2015 VFGC Winter Forage Conferences Brochure

Now is the time to stockpile for winter grazing! Read why Charlie Drumheller is a stockpiling convert and what he gained by strip-grazing last winter.

August 23rd, 2013

AssessingStockpile2013 Stripgrazing Demo Summary-8-6-13

Dr. Harlan E. White Memorial Scholarship Fund

April 26th, 2011

Dr. Harlan E. WhiteHonoring Dr. White’s Years of Service

    The Virginia Forage and Grassland Council seeks your assistance in honoring the life of Dr. Harlan E. White. The Dr. Harlan E. White Memorial Scholarship Fund has been established by the Virginia Forage and Grassland Council and will be used for scholarships, education, research, and other activities related to the promotion and better understanding of the forage industry.

 To learn about about the scholarship fund click on the Scholarship Fund tab at the top of the page.

VFGC Meeting Presentations

March 26th, 2010

Camtasia Videos and Handouts

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