Forages are the foundation of the state’s animal
agriculture and contribute multi-million dollars annually
to Virginia farms. Forages are produced on 75% of
farms and it is estimated that 3 million acres of pasture
and 1.5 million acres of hay and silage are annually
harvested in Virginia. This acreage represents 70 % of
the open farmland in the state. Over 75 and 65% of
marketed beef and dairy products respectively are
derived directly from forages, and forages provide even
larger proportions of all feeds consumed by sheep and
horses. In gross value, hay is considered the state’s
third largest crop.
In Virginia, a viable animal agriculture depends
on forages. The VFGC acts as a voice for forage-based
agriculture and strives for more efficient use of land
resources in ways that protect natural resources and the
environment. In these achievements, the quality of life
for all Virginia is improved.

The VFGC acts as a voice for forage-based agriculture. Our organization strives for more efficient use of land resources in ways that protect natural resources and the environment. In these achievements, the quality of life for all Virginia is improved.

Our History

The VFGCl was formed June 9, 1977, in Afton, Virginia by 25 individuals representing Virginia agriculture. We are an affiliate member of the American Forage and Grassland Council, an affiliate member in the Virginia Agribusiness Council and a non-profit organization of the Commonwealth. Activities of the council are financed by dues from individual and sponsoring members and gifts.

Our Objectives

  • Promote and expand the utilization of forages to improve the economic and social well-being of all Virginians
  • Provide a forum for identifying opportunities to expand forage-animal agriculture
  • Promote forages for desirable and efficient means of utilizing land resources for food and fiber production
  • Coordinate efforts of agricultural services, supply and production functions to increase farm profits and efficiency of agricultural production
  • Direct and encourage research and education to expandforage production, utilization, and marketing
  • Promote the value of forage crops for soil and water conservation, abatement of air and water pollution and enhancement of Virginia’s natural beauty
  • Educate consumers on the benefits derived from an efficient and profitable forage/animal agriculture
  • Encourage outstanding achievements in the forage industry through recognition programs
  • Develop vigorous leadership in activities beneficial to the forage industry and Virginia agriculture

How Do We Achieve Our Goals?

In partnership with our sister organizations, corporate sponsors and members and with the help of our community’s generosity, VFGC coordinates, hosts and organizes a variety of activities scheduled throughout the year.

Activities of the VFGC include:

  • Educational meetings to learn and exchange ideas on the production, utilization, and conservation purposes of forages
  • Forage tours to observe research and extension programs and practical farm and industry experiences with forages
  • Newsletters and other publications dealing with forage activities and information
  • Awards program to recognize outstanding forage producers and leaders
  • Cooperation with other state and national organizations to promote forages
  • Assistance to state agencies and educational institutions in forage research, education, and development programs

We could not do this without your support!

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