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VFGC Membership Form for Corporations

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The primary purpose of the VFGC is to promote the value of forages in Virginia through local and regional conferences and tours, various publications, sponsoring research trials, awards to outstanding producers, and working with other state and national organizations.  As a member of the VFGC:

  • You are entitled to reduced fees for most regional forage conferences and summer tours including the Annual Virginia Grazing School that is being held around the state.
  • You will receive “The Forager,” a quarterly publication to provide you with up to date forage information. You will be among the first producers in the state to obtain results of research trials designed to help you run a more profitable operation.

Remember that your VFGC membership is a two for one deal, in that you also receive a full year membership with the American Forage and Grassland Council (AFGC). Your $25 VFGC membership enrolls you in Virginia’s premier forage organization and allows you to be part of the only unified voice representing forages in this country. AFGC members have representation in Washington and can receive a weekly update on agriculture legislation and political activity within the House and Senate.

As an AFGC member you will receive the national newsletter “The Forage Leader”. Your membership supports the development of new forage educational literature like the recent publication “Understanding Forage Quality.” AFGC members can attend national forage conferences at reduced prices such as the AFGC Annual Meeting. You will also be represented on boards of numerous organizations that affect forage agriculture such as:

and more.

Most importantly, by joining the VFGC you are showing that you place a high value on forages in your farming operation.

VFGC Membership Form


VFGC Membership Form for Corporations

Any individual, business, or
corporation interested in the objectives of the VFGC

Any individual, business, or corporation interested in the objectives of the VFGC  can become a member. Select the appropriate document above to get started.

*Please note the farm membership category, which can include up to two people on the same working farm for only $40 per year.

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